Foot Zone Certification Payment Options

  • One Time Payment

    Next Cohort of Foot Zone Certification May 27 - Aug 20th
    • Professional Foot Zone Certification
    • *Includes 2-Day Live Intensive
  • Pay Per Unit

    Half Down | $155 per unit
    • Professional Foot Zone Certification
    • * Includes 2-Day Live Intensive
    • ** Includes Exam Fee

*Payment & Scholarship Options Available upon circumstance. Reach out to Gloria at

Foot Zoning Trainging is designed to teach the techniques and practices that are intended to assist the body to align and restore through homeostatsis in the body.  Foot Zoning has been known to benefit healing and reducing ailments in thebody. It is not a replacement of medical advice or treatment.


This is not a licencing course. You will be respobsible for finding the  reflexology and physical touch laws in your state before practicing foot zone therapy. We seek to convey information of traditional Foot Zone Therapy as accurate as possible with supporting recommendations and practices. We make no claimes of a perfect therapy and exactness of the information shared or precieved. The information in this course has not been reviewed by or approved ofr the USFDA.  

You are responsible for practicing and applying the information in this course at your own risk, and with the accuracy of practice that is taught. The techniques, information, and practices of Foot Zone Therapy as taught by  Healer's Art Institute should be administered and advised by liscences medical professionals. 

Take the correct preparations before purchasing and do so with 100% responsibility of your own free actions and choice.