Sol Zone Seminar

Professional Certification Seminar for Foot Zone Therapy

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March 2021- November 2021

The seminar provides a complete and competitive study of foot zone therapy in North America.  This seminar fulfills requirements for national foot zone and reflexology boards of 300hr study including foundations in anatomy and physiology. 

Please note: reflexology laws vary from state to state. The student is responsible for checking their state laws for additional guidelines. 

Sol Zone Seminar Foot Zone Professional Certification has 7 core classes, live training, final examination covering the subject topics listed below:

The Foot Zone

 300 credit hours of instruction and 100 h practicum 

The Human Body

In-depth research of physical and holistic anatomy and physiology

Energy Testing

Build and trust your intuition & develop the art of Muscle Testing

Energy Healing

Learn how to care for the energetic systems of the body

Earth Tools

Develop a skill set in essential oils and the medicine of the earth


Discover and educate how living foods best support living bodies

Self- Care

Physical exercises to support the practitioner and clients

1 on 1 mentoring

Clarifying through virtual and live practicum instruction


Deep study of words and the power of affirmations in healing

LIVE Intensive

2 -day intensive retreat in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia

Business Building

Tools to prepare you for success in launching your business

Professional Certification

Foot Zone Written & Live Exam


DoTerra Essential Oils Healthy Essentials Kit a $250 value of the healthiest collection of essential oils available in the world & access to The Birth Write Online: A Manifestation Manual. 

When you select the One Time Payment Option you save $400 which provides FREE attendance to the 2- Day LIVE intensive.




$400- 2- Day Live Intensive Training 

$150-  Foothold Tutorials

Core Material:

$550- Registration Fee & Class 1

$299- Class 2

$299- Class 3

$299- Class 4

$299- Class 5

$299- Class 6

$299- Class 7 & Exam



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