Foot Zone

Project Package


This package is great for anyone new to Foot Zoning. I always recommend 3 Zones within 1 or 2 weeks from each other. This allows the body to acclimate to the therapy and let's you discover the benefits you receive from Foot Zoning. 

What this usually looks like is you will have your initial visit, I will see you again in a week, and again after in two weeks. 

This package is also great for anyone anytime you feel you'd like to address a specific project you are working on in the body. 

This is also a popular option for families. This allows you 3 zones to use how you wish. 

These are all Plus+ Sessions. This allows the allotted time for a really deep a thorough zone.  


Mix and match your sessions! 

I really like a variety pack:

Visit 1- FZ Plus +

Visit 2- FZ + e-Motion

Visit 3- FZ + Reiki


6 Month

Foot Zone Package


This 6 Month Package is a convience for those serious about applying Foot Zoning as a regular self-care treatment. 

You get 8 Plus+ Zones to use as you as quickly as you need. 

This package includes one Project Package. This is 3 Zones with in a month.  You start with the initial zone, return in a week, and return in two weeks. When the foot zones are applied with this consistency the body creates the muscle memory needed to transform.  It is incredible to witness the body restore to it's original design.

After the project package, the body is ready to lengthen it's time between zones it you desire. I personally love getting zones once a month.  The next 5 sessions are for you to use monthly or bi-monthly, whatever your body needs. 




Ionic Detox


For centuries civilzations detox once or twice a year. for optimal health. This tradition got lost in our busy lives and advancing culture.  

Today, we have an advanced for form or detox. This Complete Detox Package is your major Detox for the year using the incredible and powerful IonizeMe Maxx Ionic Foot Detox.  This machine helps trap and release free radicals or toxic cells in the body including heavy metals and even parasites.

Single Detox baths are great at boosting energy and feeling lighter. When you are ready to participate in a major cleanse like this it is recommended to complete 10 baths in a 5 weeks.

After you complete this detox, you would only do a follow-up cleanse in about  6- 8 weeks, until it is time for a complete detox again. This range can be every 6 or 12 months according to your needs and desires. 

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