. Our team of Holistic Wellness Practitioners help home healers gain self-reliance in well-being through teaching and advocating for the healing arts. 

Called to Learn the Healer's Art



Many in the healing art profession feel like it is their life's mission or calling to be there. When I felt "called to learn the healer's art" it started with needing to care for myself. In art there are hundreds of ways to paint a picture, millions of songs to be sung and dances to be danced. However, each art has its core materials and foundations. Artistic talent develops as we learn to express ourselves through the use of these core materials and foundations.


Healing as an art form is similar.  There are countless ways to invite healing.  At the Healer's Art Institute of Complementary Therapies you will be introduced to a collection of modalities and therapies designed to restore the body's natural and God-given ability to heal itself. 



Gloria English

An intuitive healing arts practitioner.  A Master affluence coach and creator of Energy in Motion, a simple and clean emotional wellness therapy.

Patti Haines

A seasoned and certified Foot Zone and Reiki II Practitioner who advocates that every home needs a healer. 



Foot Zone Therapy 

 Facial Cleanse Technique

Energy in Motion: Energy Alignment

Traditional Usui Reiki